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Citrus Reticulata (Mandarin Oil)

Oh, the smell of Christmas, when you peel your first mandarin and enjoy the sweet, citrus aroma which lingers on your fingers!

Mandarin oil probably does not need much of an introduction. It's a beautifully soft, citrusy, fresh-smelling essential oil, perfect for a soothing massage. The essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit by cold expression.

This is a non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitising oil. If used in skincare products be sure to not go in the sun or on a sunbed after, as it is possibly mildly phototoxic, and you might attract more rays than you would like. This is one of the most enjoyable essential oils to use, having the following beneficial properties for the body, mind and soul:

  • Antiseptic and toning for the skin - good for treating congested skin, acne, oily skin

  • Strengthening for the mind, and very relaxing - a good oil to diffuse at night to help with insomnia

  • Good for the digestive system - helping those niggly stomach upsets

  • Helps alleviate fluid retention (particularly when used in conjunction with massage)

Possibly phototoxic. Worth noting is the fact that citrus oils, especially bergamot, tend to be phototoxic if used above safe levels. It's therefore worth considering checking either with your local Aromatherapist or "Essential Oil Safety" by Robert Tisserand on safe levels to use in skincare products. If in doubt, don't use citrus oils on the skin/in leave-on skincare products if you are going to expose that part of your skin to the sun or a sunbed within the next day (allow at least 12-24 hours, preferably more to be on the safe side, before exposing the skin to the sun/sunbed).

Fun fact - a particular favourite for use in colognes, the fruit tree is a small evergreen tree that grows up to 6 metres, has glossy leaves, fragrant flowers and delicious fruit.

Blends Well With

All other citrus oils

Spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, clove)


Floral oils

Recipe Suggestion

Dr Snyder's Invigorate & Vitalise Diffuser Blend:

Add 3 drops of Mandarin, 1 drop of Basil and 2 drops of Spearmint to your diffuser before a workout. Diffuse for 30-60 minutes maximum. If you have furry friends in the house, make sure you leave a door open so that they can exit the room if they don't enjoy the aroma.

Essential Oil Safety:

  • Always read the EO safety guidance which should accompany your purchased bottle

  • Always dilute before use (seek advice for recommended quantities)

  • Avoid contact with the eyes/mucous membranes

  • Do not use if pregnant without seeking advice

  • Do not use on children younger than 5 without seeking advice

  • Use lower dilutions for children/elderly

  • Ensure pets can leave the room if diffusing essential oils (they might not like the aroma as much as you do)

  • If you have any medical conditions seek advice

  • Never ingest

  • Stop use immediately if you experience a reaction - inform your therapist and seek medical advice

  • If you are asthmatic or have any other lung condition, test your body response by smelling the caps of each oil before using to ensure the oils do not cause any sensitivity.

  • Mandarin oil is possibly phototoxic

And now (drumroll), a reward for getting this far down the blog post - a photo of my favourite animal :-) (Taken by my Dad, Mike Foreman in Zimbabwe, 2021)


"Essential Oil Safety" by Robert Tisserand - E-book published by Elsevier Health Sciences

"The Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils" by Julia Lawless - Updated Edition (2014) published by Harper Thorsons

"The Essential Oils Hormone Solution" by Dr Mariza Snyder - published by Rodale Press

Base Formula - Mandarin Oil

Get in touch if you'd like to smell any of the oils in my collection, get help with creating your own blend, or have an Aromatherapy massage, hot stone treatment or holistic facial.

Medical Disclaimer - The above information is intended for educational purposes only, and not to be taken as an endorsement or replacement for any particular medical health treatment. Please check with your health provider before embarking on any type of herbal treatment.



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