An Aromatherapy massage using top quality, pure essential oils combined with a carrier oil in a beautifully soothing, relaxing treatment.  An aromatherapy massage uses the Swedish massage technique (a mixture of kneading, flowing strokes, deep circular massage and passive joint movement techniques).  Together we choose which essential oils to use at the beginning of your treatment, tailoring the experience to your personal needs. 

60 minutes - £40

Wantage Aromatherapy Menopause assage


A warming treatment using hot basalt stones.  This is combined with jojoba oil to obtain a deep and therapeutic massage.  A hot stone massage uses a mixture of kneading, flowing strokes, deep circular massage, vibration and tapping techniques.   An extremely relaxing treatment which penetrates through the fascia, deep into the muscles to relieve aches and pains.  Read this article for more information about the fascia.

60 minutes - £40

Wantage Hot Stone Therapy Menopause Massage


A wonderful combination of hot stones and essential oils, used together to create an incredibly relaxing spa experience.  The heat from the stones combined with the use of jojoba oil and essential oils is the ultimate treatment when it comes to destressing and relaxation.  The warmth of the stones releases the heady scent of the essential oils.  You are guaranteed to end this treatment feeling like you are floating on a cloud. Wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. 

60 minutes - £40

Aromatherapy and Hot Stones Menopause Massage Wantage


Swedish massage is a rejuvenating, relaxing massage, helping to increase circulation, blood flow, and release muscle tension.  Swedish massage uses a mixture of kneading, flowing strokes, deep circular massage and passive joint movement techniques. 

60 minutes - £40

Swedish Massage for Menopause Wantage


The first step - we will have a client consultation (usually taking about 15-30 minutes) where we will talk through elements of your daily lifestyle including stress triggers, allergies, any medical issues you may be experiencing, your sleep patterns, diet and exercise regimes.  This is in order for me to get a full, holistic overview of your life in order to be in the best possible position to treat you.  


If massage isn't for you, I also make bespoke products for my clients, including body oil, body wash, body lotion, luxury hand wash, atmosphere spray.  

Wantage Menopause Massage at CAM Aromatherapy


What is a contraindication to a massage treatment? 


Massage is very relaxing and extremely beneficial.  However, under certain circumstances, it's necessary to consider your health as a whole and in some cases assess whether treatment should or shouldn't go ahead.  This will be discussed during your first client consultation. 

For further information visit my full Contraindications to Massage post.