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Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli Oil)

This is a lovely, subtle oil, with a musty, earthy, woody, slightly spicy smell. The leaves and flowers of the herb look very much like the mint in my garden. This oil is steam distilled from the dried leaves, producing an amber or dark orange thick liquid.

An excellent oil for anxiety, stress and depression as well as a variety of skin complaints (acne, chapped skin, eczema, wrinkles) due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Patchouli is also calming for the skin, contains antioxidants, and helps with skin barrier health.

Patchouli oil is often used in the perfume industry and in cosmetics. It's also used in the food industry, in alcohol and soft drinks. It is used in the East to scent linen and clothes and is thought to help prevent the spread of disease.


Blends Well With






Clary Sage


Ylang Ylang





and many more...

Creating products

Recipe Suggestion

For a wonderfully relaxing meditation or mindfulness break, combine one part each of Bergamot, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang in a diffuser and just breathe.

Use about 6 drops in total of essential oils in your diffuser, following the manufacturer's instructions. It's generally best to diffuse for 30-60 minutes at a time, and then take a break for the same amount of time. Ensure your pets can leave the room if they don't appreciate the aromas in the same way as you do!

Also works well in a diffuser as an insect repellent.

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Essential Oil Safety:

  • Always read the EO safety guidance

  • Always dilute before use (seek advice for recommended quantities)

  • Avoid contact with the eyes/mucous membranes

  • Do not use if pregnant without seeking advice

  • Do not use on children younger than 5 without seeking advice

  • Use lower dilutions for children/elderly

  • Ensure pets can leave the room if diffusing essential oils

  • If you have any medical conditions seek advice

  • Stop use immediately if you experience a reaction - inform your therapist and seek medical advice

  • Never ingest

  • If you are asthmatic or have any other lung condition, test your body response by smelling the caps of each oil before using to ensure the oils do not cause any sensitivity.

  • Patchouli oil can be slightly phototoxic

  • Drug interaction: may inhibit blood clotting. Cautions (oral): Anticoagulant medication, major surgery, peptic ulcer, haemophilia, other bleeding disorders (Tisserand, Robert. Essential Oil Safety - Elsevier Health Sciences, 2nd Edition 2014)

"Essential Oil Safety" by Robert Tisserand - E-book published by Elsevier Health Sciences

"The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils" by Julia Lawless - Updated Edition (2014) published by Harper Thorsons

"Essential Oils for Healthy Skin" by The Tisserand Institute - E-course (2021)

Get in touch if you'd like to purchase essential oils, smell any of the oils in my collection, buy a CAM Aromatherapy product, get help with creating your own blend, or have a treatment.

Medical Disclaimer - The above information is intended for educational purposes only, and not to be taken as an endorsement or replacement for any particular medical health treatment. Please check with your health provider before embarking on any type of herbal treatment.



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